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Recommended Readings: “V.1.1 Anti-manual on Street Photography ”

Michail Moscholios - anti-manual

'Anti-Manual on street photography' is a free ebook about photography, written by Michail Moscholios and illustrated with selected photographs of his. The book includes fifteen very short chapters discussing in a radical manner, popular -or not- assumptions with respect to the genres, technic, originality, value, inspiration, attitude and other concepts concerning photography.

Almost experiential and autobiographical, Moscholios' book constitutes a collection of rebellious and often anarchical thoughts dealing with simple but also with complicated photographic issues. Sometimes it feels like thinking out loud, others like giving advise or making a confession, and others like giving in to an internal philosophical dialogue. It is bold, it is sincere, it is deep. It is a photographer's soul on paper and "...a warm appreciation of simply following your photographic heart" as David Gibson put it in the preface. Enjoy it here.

" takes courage to reveal, to share the intimate moments of a partial failure, to understate that to be a good photographer is not an eternal achievement but just a clandestine touch of genius! "

(Michail Moscholios)

About the book's author

Michail Moscholios is a photographer, writer and editor and also founder of BULBphotos Collective and of the SCP community.

Book Summary:

  • Title: Anti-Manual on street photography.

  • Author: Michail Moscholios.

  • Publisher: Self-published ebook.

  • Language: English

  • Intended audience: amateur and professional photographers, general public

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