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Michelle Chan (known as little.rice) has a love of black and white. To her, this somehow demolishes the presence of reality and takes her to her dreams and imaginations which can be found in her photographs. Born in Hong Kong and moved to UK when she was 12. She studied psychology and was a therapist for special needs children before starting her photography journey when given her first camera the day she moved back to Hong Kong. In 2014, she had her first photography exhibition at Landmark Central Hong Kong, followed by various other places in Hong Kong. Her work was also published and featured in magazines and websites. In 2016, her work was chosen as one of the top tens for the “Urban Playground” theme of Toronto Urban Photography Festival 2016. She was awarded finalist for the Independent Photographer competition for the "People" theme, and in the same year, she was named one of the top 20 female street photographers to follow. Since 2016, her work has travelled and exhibited around the world.


"Authenticity is what makes each photo unique. Live life, empty the mind and take photographs. When you flow with nature, within your element; when photography becomes effortless, you create great art."

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