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I was born and grew up in Timisoara, Romania and presently live in Vienna, Austria. After studying anthropology and psychology, I felt that I no longer want to explain the world but rather express it. My curiosity for everything that is human, the wish to 'see' and get closer to people led me to photography. I am a freelance photographer and some of my work is distributed by the ASAblanca Agency, based in Vienna.


"Making photography begins with a certain state of mind. It is all  about curiosity and the desire to connect. Connecting heart and  mind with other people, through the viewfinder.


Whenever you take a picture, you make a statement – not only about  what you see but also about yourself.

You are what you see.



There is no wish to be somewhere else, in some other time.  This moment is all there is. Being fully in the present.

Then try this in your everyday life. Without a camera."

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